Originating from Bandung, West Java, Burgerkill was formed in 1995 and have been continually shaping the underground metal scene in Indonesia ever since. For 2 decades Burgerkill has consistently been in the spotlight as a force to be reckoned with in Indonesian metal, from writing compositions for movie soundtracks to the successful publication of autobiographic novels.

Burgerkill is a dynamic composition of talented musicians who have all individually featured as prominent influences within Indonesia’s underground metal milieu. With Vicky on vocals, Ebenz on guitar, Ramdan on bass, Putra on drums, and Agung on guitar, the result is a lethal combination of musicians who, as if by instinct, produce a most rancorous sound that leaves you feeling downright butchered.

For years Burgerkill has unleashed hell on-stage, exhibiting an attitude and energy like no other. Burgerkill has pushed the barriers and gone way over the line all in the name of Metal. Burgerkill proves once again that there are no barriers in Metal and have established themselves as an internationally acclaimed band.

“ My Self Scumbag” by Kimung
Released: May 2017
Publisher: Minor Books
Format: Book

“ We Will Bleed, The Movie ”
Released: January 2013
Label: Revolt Music Ent.
Format: DVD

“ Spit The Venom Tour “
Released: December 2014
Label: BKTV
Format: Book & DVD

“ Live at Wacken 2015 “
Released: August 2016
Format: DVD & Blueray

“ Blasting Europe “
Released: November 2017
Format: DVD